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This scarce antiquarian publication is a variety from Kessinger Publishings Legacy Reprint sequence. as a result of its age, it may well comprise imperfections resembling marks, notations, marginalia and improper pages. simply because we think this paintings is culturally very important, we now have made it to be had as a part of our dedication to preserving, keeping, and selling the worlds literature. Kessinger Publishing is where to discover thousands of infrequent and hard-to-find books with anything of curiosity for everybody!

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Par PAUL TAKKEBY, Paris, 1887, p. 92 ; Le ; A HISTOBY OF MATHEMATICS 48 The Eudernian Summary ascribes to Thales the invention of the theorems on the equality of vertical angles, the equality of the base angles in isosceles triangles, the bisection of the by any diameter, and the congruence of two triangles having a side and the two adjacent angles equal respectively. circle Famous his application of the last theorem to the deter is the distances of ships from the shore. The all angles inscribed in a semicircle are right attributed by some ancients to Thales, by others to mination of theorem that angles is Thales thus seems to have originated the geome Pythagoras.

It celebrated Roman jurist, Salvianus Julianus, should be divided into seven equal parts, of which four should go to the son, two to the wife and one decided that it to the daughter. Aside from the (probable) improvement of the abacus and A HISTORY OF MATHEMATICS 42 Eomans made no The algebra of Diophantus wa&j With them as with all nations of antiquity the development of duodecimal fractions, the contributions to arithmetic. unknown to them. numerical calculations were long and tedious, for the reason that they never possessed the boon of a perfect notation of numbers with its zero and principle of local value.

E. ], whose name follows that the original not is is many legible in the centuries older than the copy made by Ahmes. C. , and does not disclose as extensive mathematical knowledge as one might expect to find among the builders of the pyramids, it nevertheless shows in 1 A. EISESXOHR, Bin mathematisches Handbuch der alten Aegypter (Papyrus EMnd des British Museum), Leipzig, 1877; 2d ed. 1891. See also CANTOR, L, pp. 59-84, and JAMES Gow, A Short History of Greek Mathematics, Cambridge, 1884, pp.

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