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Hk Abstract. Most query languages in XML database systems use Regular Path Expressions (RPE) to query or extract data from databases and some query processing and optimization techniques have been proposed for RPEs. Conceptually XML documents are collections of path instances. Each path instance should conform to an XML element tag sequence, called path schema. A RPE query can be written as an automaton that can represent a language, while path schemas can be seen as sentences. In this paper, a novel RPE computing approach, automaton match (AM ), is proposed.

Similarity basically depends on content similarity, through the evaluation of vague predicates. Flexibility on structural match is obtained through wildcards, but the number of skipped nodes is discarded in relevance computation, thus neglecting the grade of cohesion of data retrieved. XIRQL [7] introduces the concept of index object to specify document units as non-overlapping subtrees. Structural conditions only act as filters to determine the context where information has to be searched in. Partial match on query structure yet is not discussed.

Hjaltason and M. Shadmon. A Fast Index for Semistructured Data. Proc. , Roma, Italy, 2001, 341-350. Goldman and J. Widom. DataGuides: Enabling Query Formulation and Optimization in Semistructured Databases. Proc. , Athens, Greece, 1997, 436-445. [5] Q. Li and B. Moon. Indexing and querying XML Data for regular path expressions. Proc. , Roma, Italy, 2001, 361-370. 36 [6] H. Lu, G. Wang, G. Yu, Y. Bao, J. Lv and Y. Yu. Xbase: Making your gigabyte disk queriable. Proc. of the 2002 ACM SIGMOD Conf.

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Anonymous Blogging with WordPress and Tor by Ethan Zuckerman

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