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Easy university arithmetic might be a evaluate of primary math recommendations for a few scholars and will holiday new floor for others. however, scholars of all backgrounds can be overjoyed to discover a fresh booklet that appeals to all studying types and reaches out to varied demographics. via down-to-earth motives, sufferer skill-building, and tremendously attention-grabbing and lifelike functions, this worktext will empower scholars to profit and grasp arithmetic within the actual international.

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6 To do the actual rounding, we use the following rule: RULE FOR ROUNDING WHOLE NUMBERS* Step 1. Underline the place to which you are rounding. Step 2. If the first digit to the right of the underlined place is 5 or more, add one to the underlined digit. Otherwise do not change the underlined digit. Step 3. Change all the digits to the right of the underlined digit to zeros. Thus, to round 78 to the nearest ten, we use the three steps given. Step 1. Underline the place to which we are rounding.

Estimate the answer: 340 ϩ 240 ϭ 580. 341 ϩ235 5 76 Step 2. Arrange in columns. Step 3. Add ones. Step 4. Add tens. Step 5. Add hundreds. The answer (576) is close to our estimate (580). Here is another problem: 56 ϩ 38 ϭ short form. Short Form 1 56 ϩ 38 94 . Compare the expanded form and the Expanded Form 50 ϩ 6 ϩ 30 ϩ 8 80 ϩ 14 ϭ 80 ϩ 10 ϩ 4 ︸ ︸ ϭ 90 ϩ 4 ϭ 94 Note that the 1 “carried” over to the tens column is really a 10. The 14 is rewritten as 10 ϩ 4. Here is another way of showing this: Answers to PROBLEMS 1.

You should be able to: Find the place value of a digit in a numeral. (p. 3) AV Determine if a given number is less than or greater than another number. BV Round whole numbers to the specified place value. CV Solve applications involving the concepts studied. indd 13 V Getting Started How long is a large paper clip? To the nearest inch, it is 2 inches. 12/11/07 9:59:18 AM 14 Chapter 1 1-14 Whole Numbers A V Ordering Numbers We know that 2 is greater than one because the 2 on the ruler is to the right of the one.

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